• Lobster, potato, corn, boiled egg, sauce
  • chicken wings
  • room with a tables

Crackin' Crawfish

About us

Crackin’ Crawfish is a Louisiana-style seafood gig based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Owner promise some of the freshest seafood in Charlotte, with Lobster, crab, clams, oysters, and crawfish kept alive until cooked and served.

Much of the menu is a la carte. Begin by choosing from four categories of entrees.
The main one is the specials: crawfish and seven other kinds of cooked shellfish, flavored with lemon pepper & garlic butter and seasoned, if you want, with various levels of spiciness from mild to super hot.

Crawfish will be delivered to us fresh daily during live season. Other seafood such as shrimp, crab legs etc., will be fresh though not kept live.

So many choices! You can order any quantity of seafood you wish and pay by the pound, based on the day's market price.
Fill out your bowl with sides such as corn (fresh during the season), potatoes, egg, and sausage.
Rice and fries (Cajun / Lemon Pepper / Regular). There are always house specials.